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Special Fitness Offer From Pastor Kent Wilson for:

Active Zion Members, Regular Attenders, and Staff


Zion Childcare Staff and Parents of Zion Childcare Children

(Note: If you do not fit either of the descriptions above, please contact Pastor Kent Wilson directly at: for other options.)

Are You An Out-of-Shape Christian Who is Interested in Making Some Personal Changes?

Here's a Simple

Faith-based Fitness Ritual

That Can Put You on the Fast Track

To Getting the Body God Gave You

Back in Shape

So You Can Better

Thank and Serve God

With the Gift of Your Body…

And Maybe Even Age More Gracefully too!

All it takes is just 9 Minutes/Day,

Dear Friend by faith,

Were you once blessed by God with a healthy body that over time you’ve watched depreciate into a real fixer-upper?

I can probably help you with that…

But first I want you to know that, unfortunately, you are not alone.

"Houston, We Have a Problem!"

Many of our brothers and sisters in the faith have some serious problems when it comes to health.

For starters, Christians in general are just as out of shape as everybody else…maybe even more so.

You’ve probably heard (and seen!) that a full two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.

Well, Christians may be even worse…

A Purdue University Study concluded that Christians were 14% more likely than non-believers to be obese.

I guess you could say we’re high achievers!

Then there are the clergy—a group near and dear to my heart because I'm a pastor too. Close to 80% of clergy report being overweight or obese.

Talk about the blind leading the blind!

Somehow I don’t think that’s what Jesus had in mind when he said, “let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

So what can you do? Better yet, what can WE do, together?

Here’s my 3-step approach for those who are ready to make a change

1) Honesty 2) Resourcefulness, and 3) Thanksgiving.

  1. First, I’ll encourage you to use simple, non-judgmental HONESTY about how your body got into the condition that it is currently in. No guilt. No denial. Just the truth.
  2. Second, I’ll encourage you to look around and make note of the RESOURCES that God has given you to help improve your current condition. God does indeed provide!
  3. Third, I’ll encourage you to express THANKGIVING to God by putting these resources to good use.

It might look something like this.

EXAMPLE OF POINT #1: Simple, non-judgmental HONESTY without guilt or denial:

“As I look in the mirror I can see that I’m kind of overweight and/or out of shape. I didn’t start out wanting to be overweight and/or out of shape, but that’s what I am. The way I’ve been living, thus far, has led me to this point. And honestly, I’m not sure if I have what it takes to change.”

EXAMPLE OF POINT #2: Seeing the RESOURCES God Has Provided.

“I must admit, my body is a gift of God originally created in the image of God. In spite of my current condition, I can still move my body…at least a little. Perhaps God has given me the ability to move my body more. God has also provided me with people who want to help me. Maybe I can get some good guidance and encouragement from someone I trust. And no matter what, Jesus loves me. This I know…”


"If God loves me, maybe now I just need to learn to love myself…enough to take better care of the body that I have been given with the resources that God has provided. That will feel good. And that’s how I want to feel. When can I start?”

Do you see what I mean? None of us needs beaten up with guilt. And none of us needs completely coddled either. So....

If you think I can help you pursue a healthier way of life, I’ll be glad to do what I can.

And if you feel like you need to look for someone else’s help instead, that’s fine too.

But let today be the day that you are:

  • HONEST about your current situation and how you got there,
  • RESOURCEFUL enough to see how God has given you the resources you need in order to improve the state of your health, and
  • THANKFUL enough to actually start using those resources now.

Fair enough? Good.

Now let’s look at two other basic facts that you’re also going to want to keep in mind. After all, information is power.

FIRST, the five leading causes of premature death in the United States (according to the Centers For Disease, Control, and Prevention) are largely PREVENTABLE?

So regardless of your genetic make-up, you are not necessarily destined to die of:

  1. Heart Disease,
  2. some forms of Cancer,
  3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease,
  4. Stroke, or
  5. Unintentional Injuries.

Small changes in the rituals of your life now can have a dramatic affect on your physical future.

Don’t get me wrong…our God-given genetic make-up is part of the equation to be sure.

But every day there is more and more evidence showing that our God-given opportunity to make daily lifestyle choices (exercise, diet, tobacco and/or alcohol use) can have a huge impact on our odds of contracting any of these diseases or conditions too!

Quite frankly, when you thank God for the gift of your body by caring for it wisely, you also increase the odds of living longer and better. What’s not to like?

Just imagine…

if enough Christians finally embrace a healthier lifestyle, we can stop praying so much for help dealing with preventable diseases and start praying for things that actually do need a more miraculous intervention--like world peace, justice, an end to world hunger, and maybe even a winning season for the Cleveland Browns.

Wouldn’t that be a better use of the time on our knees?

And wouldn’t it be a better witness if Christians were actually healthier than the general population rather than the other way around?

SECOND, I want you to be better fit to serve others.

Think about the story of the Good Samaritan…

That kind soul PHYSICALLY picked up his injured neighbor and even hoisted him up onto his donkey. Then he WALKED along side the donkey (rather than riding it) to the nearest town.

The Good Samaritan was physically fit to help others.

These days if a neighbor needed that kind of help, many Christians would be hard-pressed just to dial 911 without breaking into a sweat…and they’d probably strain a fast-twitch muscle fiber in their index finger in the process!

If someone needs your physical help, don’t you want to be fit enough to provide it?

Sure you do.

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Thankfully, there are relatively simple ways to dramatically improve your current health and potential for longevity.

As I hinted earlier, if you’re willing, you can learn what you need to learn to design a system yourself.

The information is out there. You would just need to sort through all the clutter and try to find the nuggets of pure fitness wisdom.

Or you can just let me do that and you do this:

Use the Faith-based Fitness Ritual that I put together a few years ago after being dissatisfied with the other options available.

Truth be told, I didn’t start out with the idea of creating a new fitness ritual for myself.

Instead I was thinking of my clergy colleagues, many of whom do not do any regular exercise…and it shows…not just in their physical appearance, but especially in our clergy health insurance rates.

Clergy health insurance rates are through the roof and seemingly ascending to heaven.

So I set out to design what I hoped would be an excuse-proof system of exercise that would get my clergy friends off dead center and into a healthier life-style.

Thankfully by that time I had a mind full of fitness research to work with.

Why?  Because I had spent the previous 6 years actively following fitness trends, reading just about every article I could lay my hands on, trying this system and that, and otherwise being keenly aware of all things fitness.

At first I didn’t think my acquired knowledge was anything special, but I soon learned that most people simply don’t know this stuff unless they are in the fitness industry…and sometimes not even then.

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

I was amazed, for example, by how many people don’t realize that just slogging it away on a treadmill (much like jogging around town) is actually one of the least effective ways to lose weight.

(Hint: Interval training is much better, especially if you use a proven ratio.)

Or the number #1 mistake a lot of people make when doing a simple lunge. (Hint: be careful with your knees!)

Or why it’s important to design your workouts with the most challenging moves first. (Hint: Don’t let fatigue kill your workout’s effectiveness.)

Or why it’s best to avoid sit-ups all together (Hint: I haven’t done a sit up or even a standard “crunch” in years yet still maintain really solid abs. You can better protect your lower back by replacing sit-ups with a Cross-Body Mountain-Climbers and/or any number of other moves)!)

Or, most important of all, if you know what you’re doing, most people can get all the cardio training they’ll ever need in a room the size of a small kitchen. (Hint: You don’t need a treadmill or exercise bike either!)

Once I put it all together, I called my new Faith-Based Fitness Ritual “9Minutes2Fit,” because that’s what (I hoped!) it would do…help people get (and stay!) fit in just 9 minutes/day.

In my system you’ll be combining Aerobic training and Resistance training (the two key and most beneficial forms of exercise) into one workout every day.

But even though I've learned a good deal about fitness over the years, I'm still a cautious soul, sometimes even timid, at heart.

Back then I didn’t have the confidence to share this new system with others without first trying it myself.

Besides, I must admit that even I was a little skeptical.

I mean, we’ve been hearing for years that we need 30 minutes of exercise at least a few times a week. Would 9 minutes a day really be enough?

So in late June of 2012 my experiment began.

At first it seemed to be working really well. I felt great. It only took about half as much time to exercise and my energy level was high. Muscles were in great shape too.

Then, one morning about 6 months later I didn’t feel so well.

“Hmmm…I thought…what’s wrong with my stomach?”

Within about 3 hours I was in the hospital for a Cat Scan and then, shortly thereafter, whisked off to have emergency exploratory surgery. (some of you at Zion remember this!)


It was a freak thing. Turns out a piece of old scar tissue or something had inexplicably wrapped around my small intestine, constricting it.

Thankfully the whole issue of the tissue was corrected with just one snip of a surgical scissors and, just as importantly, it had nothing to do with my Faith-Based Fitness Ritual called 9Minutes2Fit!


But I did have to stay in the hospital for a full 7 days until all systems were, shall we say, “Go!”

By now you might be thinking, “this is an interesting story, but why are you telling me this?”

Because while I was in the hospital, after 6 months of only exercising 9 minutes/day, my vital signs were officially clocked as, well, outstanding!

So much so that every time I got a new nurse she would check my vital signs a couple times in a row just to be sure she hadn’t made a mistake.

Yep, nice low resting heart rate rivaling that of Marathon runners (even though there’s NO distance running in my system) and really great blood pressure readings too!

To have those kinds of readings after 6 months of only exercising for 9 minutes/day was really encouraging!

That’s when I really began to gain confidence that my 9-minute workout system could work for just about anybody…

Until I hit the next hurdle about 3 days later!

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You see, just a few days before I went into the hospital I took a leap of faith and publicized an advertisement for my very first fitness class that I was going to lead at church.

When I started feeling better I finally asked for my laptop computer and started catching up on my email.

And that’s when I saw the name that caused my eyes to freeze.

It was the name of a dearly-beloved member of the church I serve. From a faith standpoint I would consider her a spiritual giant.

She is also somewhat of a physical giant... obese with a host of other health issues to boot.

And wouldn't you know, she was the very first person to sign up for my very first fitness class!

Can I just say that when I first saw that she had signed up for the class I started to panic...

For some reason it had never occurred to me that the people who would sign up for my fitness class might actually need my fitness class!

"Lord have mercy!" I thought, "What am I gonna 'do' (as if I had just been presented with  the urn of a distant cousin’s ashes!) with her?"

My biggest concern was the floor because at least a few of the staple exercises in my system involved getting down on the floor.

“She won’t even be able to do a push-up!” I exclaimed to myself.

And then, as I lay in the hospital bed recovering from abdominal surgery, I realized an even more humbling thought…

“Right now, I can’t do a push-up either!”

What to do?

Then it dawned on me that maybe a push-up, for example, could be done on the wall instead of the floor.

First thing you know my mind started buzzing and right there I the hospital bed I came up with what I hoped would be Marcia-friendly adaptations of every exercise in my system!

On that first day of class I began to see the fruits of my labors!

Even in her rather precarious health situation Marcia, with the blessing of her doctor, was able to start performing exercises that she never thought she'd ever be able to do again…at her own fitness level.

All because she found my fitness ritual to be the perfect combination of down-to-earth functional exercises paired with a grace-centered faith perspective.

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

And for my part, I never thought I’d need to do exercises at such a beginner level. But they were perfect for me at that time.

That’s why I think of 9Minutes2Fit as a Faith-Based Fitness Ritual.

It’s a “ritual” because it’s something that you’ll look forward to 5 days/week. It becomes part of your life.

I call it faith-based because, as we’ve already discussed, it’s a great way for you to give thanks to God for your body.

And of course, I call it “Fitness” because it’s a way great way for you to get fit and stay physically  “fit” for God’s service in this world.

So whether you’re a beginner like Marcia or, like me these days, one of the fittest people around, 9Minutes2Fit can provide the challenge appropriate for your particular fitness level.

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

Now, as a 53 year-old pastor I'm very thankful to still in some of the best shape of my life. 9Minutes2Fit helps keep me that way.

But I also focus on health from a spiritual perspective and not just from a physical standpoint.

For example, one of the things I do as a pastor is bury people.

Well, I don’t actually bury them, but I do preside at people’s funeral.

Occasionally I’ve presided over the funeral of a person who, at the time of his or her death, was in peak physical condition.

It’s pretty humbling to see and know that we can do everything “right” in terms of taking care of our physical self and still get hit by a truck.

Or, perhaps more challenging, to see the pain in the face of a mother whose otherwise healthy 23 year-old son has inexplicably been in a coma and unresponsive for over 2 years.

I’m not making this up.

Nor am I trying to be overly dramatic.

These are the experiences of real life.

Anyone who worships physical fitness itself is beholden to very unworthy god.

On the other hand, most of the time I conduct funerals for otherwise faithful Christians who might well have lived considerably longer (and/or with less pain and disease) if they had just taken better care of themselves in the first place.

If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times from their loved ones… “I wish grandma (and/or grandpa) could have made it to my graduation…or wedding…or seen my first child.”

So I’ve seen first-hand, much more so than most, the affects of poor health not just on the individuals, but also (and perhaps especially!) on their loved ones.

One of the ways we can love our neighbors (and family) is by taking care of ourselves.

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And so, with these spiritual matters in mind, let’s take a look at my common-sense approach that is backed by science.

Let’s start with common sense.

Common sense tells us that just about any safe movement of our body (even just walking) is usually better than spending all our free time on the couch. Right?

That said, common sense also tells us that some forms of exercise might be more beneficial than others.

It’s just a matter of figuring out what those more beneficial ways of moving might be.

And that’s where the science comes in…

Science tells us that there are basically two types of beneficial exercise.

1) Aerobic exercise focuses on your cardiovascular system.

Things like running, biking, swimming, walking, and especially interval training (more about that later) are examples of commonly helpful forms of aerobic exercise.

2) Resistance exercise focuses on your muscle and skeletal structure.

Lifting weights, using resistance bands, and various body-weight moves (like pushups, planks, and squats, for example) are helpful forms of resistance exercise.

Both forms of exercise are necessary to slow down the natural affects of aging. Here’s why…

As we age our maximum heart-rate declines by just under 1 beat per minute with each passing year. And that affects our body’s ability to take in and process much needed oxygen.

Aerobic exercise helps our body counteract this natural process.

And for many the best form of aerobic training is interval training.

Interval training is when you exercise at a relatively intense level for a short period of time and then rest/recover for another short period of time before doing it all over again several times.

I think it’s actually the most natural way to exercise because it better mirrors real life activities like springing out of your chair to carry a box, perhaps at the request of a spouse or friend, and then sitting back down again.

A 1:1 interval ratio (like 60 seconds of work followed by 60 seconds of rest) will work, but two studies suggest that the 2:3 ratio may be best for fat loss. So that’s what I use in my fitness ritual.

On the muscular side of things, muscle mass decreases by about 30% from age 30 to 70 which also affects bone density.

Resistance exercises are crucial to help counteract this decline and also to help preserve  much-needed bone density so that our bones are less fragile in the event of a fall.

Did you know that, once people hit the age of 65, falls are the most common accident leading to death?

So it’s important to keep working on your balance throughout life. A good exercise program can help.

And yes, studies have shown that even people in their 90’s can benefit from resistance training.

You can too! It’s never too late!

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

The key is to involve all your major muscle groups, both to stoke your metabolism (that naturally declines with age, especially in women during and after menopause) and to give your whole body the full benefit of resistance training.

So what I’ve done is combine what for many is the best form of aerobic training (interval training) with resistance training into one highly efficient, total body workout that, regardless of your fitness level, you can do in exactly 9 minutes/day.

And it really works!

Do you think you can spare 9 minutes/day to focus on taking care of the body God gave you?

What if I told you that you’ll only need to exercise for 18 seconds at a time?

What if I told you that for over half of the 9 minutes you’ll be resting, and that the total amount of time you’ll actually be exercising will add up to only 3 minutes and 36 seconds?

It sounds crazy…I know. But it’s true.

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Here are just some of the benefits of 9Minutes2Fit:

Takes Just 9 Minutes/day

  • So you can’t say “I don’t have enough time to exercise” (well, you can say it, but it’s probably not true…at least not every day!)
  • So you’ll be able to spend more of your valuable time with loved ones or other important matters

Can Be Done In Your Own Home

  • So you can save even more time by not needing to pack up and go somewhere else

Designed (not just ‘adaptable to’) for Your Own Fitness Level,

  • So it doesn’t matter if you’re at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness level, you can do this.

According to Your Own Time Schedule,

  • So you can adjust your workout schedule as necessary to fit it into your day

Comes With Follow-Along Online Videos

  • I’m there to lead you through every workout so you don’t have to look up pictures of various exercises or otherwise wonder if you’re doing things “right.”
  • It’s almost like having a personal trainer with you every step of the way.

That Include Plenty of Variety,

  • Not of one of the 33 workouts is exactly like any of the others, so you won’t get stuck in a boring routine
  • AND your muscles will always be presented with new challenges so that they don’t settle into “muscle memory” and have stunted growth.

Is Based on Proven Exercise Principles,

  • Exercise IS a science and 9Minutes2Fit is based on sound scientific principles so that your body can safely get the most out of every workout.

Requires only the barest minimum of equipment

  • You can probably make do with things you already have around the house (like a couple milk jugs filled with water, a bunge cord or two, a rolling desk chair and maybe a scrap piece of carpet if you don’t have a carpeted floor) or you could make a minimal investment in a couple dumbbells, a resistance band, a stability ball, and an exercise mat. But there is no expensive equipment required so that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg buying a bunch of equipment that will sit in a corner.

Led by Pastor Kent Wilson Personally,

  • I lead my own workouts (and work out right along with you) so that you can see a real, live, ‘normal?’ human being that you can relate to encouraging you along your fitness way.

To Help People Like You,

  • I’m striving to help normal people like you reclaim the gift of your body so that you can live more like you were born to live.

The Big Take-aways of getting in shape so you can Thank God

  • by using your body
  • Being of Service to Others,
  • And maybe even age more gracefully too
    • With less chance for the need to face preventable diseases
    • And more able to function well later in life
    • Assist those older and younger than you in need of your care
    • And provide an example of simple and healthy living to those who come after you.

Here's What Others Have Said About 9Minutes2Fit

Kent, Love the program. Very do-able. I look forward to seeing results as I’m taking a new call…in June and would love to move less of me. I really like getting your daily emails every day.  This program is working well for me. –Marie Duquette, pastor

Kent, Yes we are [enjoying the workouts]. It’s a good program and causing me to use muscles I haven't used for a long time. My legs were pretty sore for a few days but it’s worth it. I'm looking forward to going through the whole 40 days.  --Tom Piper, pastor’s spouse

“My experience was that the workout was challenging enough to get the heart pumping and the sweat flowing, a good place to start in the morning. I like that it is customizable to difficulty level and exercises chosen. My wife and I have done it together. This is a great work-out for busy people.” –Fisk, seminary intern

“Kent, I think this work is excellent. Thank you for persistently inviting folks to focus on the gift of God’s health.” –Marc, member of Bishop’s staff

“We met at the internship retreat and I thoroughly enjoyed the workout. I was super excited to see this opportunity and want to take advantage of it! It's been a great start to the program … The exercises have been really good and I've felt that I understand them, plus the videos are a great bonus with good tips on how to make the exercises more or less demanding!

–Dan, seminary intern

Your program works well for us when I am available and I get a kick out of doing them with Kevin.  He watches your videos and then instructs me later, and we exercise together. Thanks for helping us get in shape!  --Debbie and Kevin, spouse and pastor

I spoke at the retreat about the benefits of your program.. .and I made a STRONG POINT that you are teaching me... and that you have a great understanding of the body and how to get a full body workout. I appreciate TREMENDOUSLY that you're sharing your knowledge!  I also appreciate your generosity with understanding others' time, skill level, and fitness level. Based on how you're teaching, I was able to not exercise on Thursday (with extra responsibilities for the retreat). So I can transfer Thursday and Friday's workouts to other days!

Thanks again! Blessings on your weekend!

Ralph, pastor

Love the workouts. Thanks, these are really helpful and doable.  I especially like the options for levels of fitness.  The wall push-ups are where I am these days.  –Paula Connor

Thanks for your note! I appreciate your time, concern, and exercises. I am combining your exercises (in the motel room) with the use of treadmill and weights in the workout room. So far, things are going well…The simplicity of the program has gotten me back to and looking forward to daily exercise! THANK YOU!  --Frank Hanrahan

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

So now that you know you need a healthy combination of resistance training and aerobic training to get in shape, here’s what your 9Minutes2Fit Faith-Based Daily Fitness Ritual will look like.

Each weekday we’ll do 12 total “rounds” of exercise together.

Each “round” will include a short time (18 seconds) when we will work pretty hard. But then we’ll have 27 seconds of rest and recuperation.

During the 27 seconds of rest time we’ll also get in position for the next 18 seconds of exercise followed by another 27 seconds of rest.

We’ll cycle through a variety of mostly resistance exercises in each workout, usually in what are called “sets.” A “set” is just a small grouping of different exercises. Each of the sets I use will include at least one exercise for the lower body, one for the upper body, and one for your mid-section or “core.”

Of course, we’ll perform these exercises in a way that will get your heart-rate right up there too! Aerobic training is built right in.

And don’t worry if you don’t know much about exercise. I’ll actually demonstrate how to do each of the moves at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels. So then you’ll know which version of any particular exercise is right for you.

So what will you get with 9Minutes2Fit?

9Minutes2Fit Deluxe edition includes:

  • 33 Full-body workouts (Delivered 1 per weekday for 18 days via email)
    • I’ve carefully designed and ordered these workouts to give you the maximum benefit of exercise in the minimum amount of time.
    • Each workout will finish in exactly 9 minutes.
    • 33 Daily e-mails (delivered on weekdays) that include
      • my words of encouragement
      • a listing of exercises for the day’s workout
      • a link to a two-part video including:
        • Demonstrations by me on how to do each exercise in that day’s workout at each of the following levels:
          • Beginner
          • Intermediate
          • And advanced fitness levels.
      • A follow-along video of ME (not some fitness model!) leading you through that day’s workout.

Note: My what-you-see-is-what-you-get videos (filmed down home in the basement of my house) will lead you through every step of the way.

Nothing fancy here. I don’t have time for that. First I demonstrate how to do each move at every fitness level and then leading you through the 9-minute workout itself before I myself get ready to head off to work.

If occasionally I seem just a little subdued at the beginning of any of the videos, it’s probably because I just woke up!

If I talk a little softly sometimes, it’s probably because I’m trying not to wake up the rest of the family yet.

If you hear the faint sound of water coming down through the pipes as if somebody has just flushed the toilet, it’s probably because somebody in my family has just flushed the toilet! This is a HOME workout system!

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

Okay, now here are a few other goodies that are included with the system.

  • Quick-Glance PDF File of the 18 Workouts (so that you can see what we’ve done so far and what’s coming up).
  • 6 Keys to Christian Fitness Training Video (In this 26-minute video I really lay out the differences between regular fitness and Christian fitness)
  • 6 Keys to Christian Fitness Summary Chart (suitable to be printed and framed)

By now you might be thinking...“Okay Pastor Kent, I get it. Fitness is important spiritually as well as physically. And your Faith-Based Fitness Ritual sounds like a great solution for me. Now what?"

If that's how you're feeling, now's the time to talk about the investment.

Don't worry...I'm not talking about money. Although this program is available for sale to those beyond Zion Lutheran Church and Childcare (People bought this system online for $37.95 this past spring), for you it's free.

But it's still an investment of your time, energy, and focus.

Listen, your investment in 9Minutes2Fit today could literally and significantly shape how you look and feel not just tomorrow, but also 10 years down the road (later I’ll tell you about “Randy” and the difference his one little comment made in my life 10 years down the road).

That’s why this isn’t just another one-and-done little program. You’ll find that using 9Minute2Fit can lead to a whole new way of life.

A life where you are thankful to God everyday for your body and a life where your body is fit for service however needed.

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

And as we’ve already discussed, living healthy now also dramatically improves your odds of being able to live healthier later, hopefully free of those pesky 5 leading preventable causes of death.

Think about that for a moment.

Even though there are no absolute guarantees in life wherever health is concerned, what would it be worth to you to significantly improve your changes of living disease and chronic-condition free in your latter years?

What would it mean to your family if you took action today?

If that sounds like pressure to take action, it’s not. You actually are taking action today no matter what.

If you take advantage of this offer, that’s obviously a form of taking action.

But if you do nothing, don’t be deceived. That’s an action too. An action toward the status quo, which may be what got you into your current predicament in the first place.

Is that true? Only you know.

It really boils down to 4 options.

Option #1:      Do nothing. No pain. No gain.

Option #2:      Design a system yourself based on what you’ve learned today

Option #3:      Find Some Other System (that you'll probably need to pay for)

Option #4:      Start using 9Minutes2Fit as your own Faith-Based Fitness Ritual.

Click HERE to Sign Up for 9Minutes2Fit or Read on for More Info...

Of course, if you choose option #4 I'll also through some other goodies into the mix including:

Bonus #1

Video Teaching on the 6 Keys to Christian Fitness

Fitness from a faith perspective really is different. I’ve touched on a couple nuances of Christian fitness in this letter, but in the 6 Keys to Christian Fitness video I really delve into what truly separates Christian fitness from everything else.

Bonus #2

6 Keys to Christian Fitness Graphics

Designed in Photoshop for printing and framing or to use as a screen-savor, these graphics will help you keep the 6 Keys to Christian Fitness more firmly in mind.

Bonus #3

My power Smoothie Recipe (with video!)

A big key to fitness is eating often and well. Six days a week I make this healthy nutrient extravaganza to keep me going full-steam through the morning. I usually make it early in the morning before heading into work and just keep in a cooler (or the church fridge) until about 10:30 a.m. I know a lot of people like to tease me about this smoothie, but every ingredient is wholesome and natural and my day is just not complete without it! Now you’ll know how to make this thick, rich, and tasty nutrient extravaganza for yourself.

Bonus #4

Prayerful Warm-up Video

I like to warm-up before my workouts. This follow-along Warm-up Video takes you through my unique warm-up routine that is also paired with 8 important focuses for prayer. So you can warm up your Spiritual side while you warm-up your body.

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“But what if I’d just like to think it over?”

I understand. Thinking it over before taking any action is always an option. In fact, that’s what my brother-in-law Randy once did.

He and I had this little discussion nearly 20 years ago when he was home for a visit.

At the time Randy, who is about 10 years older than me, was already 20-30 pounds overweight. Fortunately, as they say, he “carried it well” and still looked pretty good.

Anyhow, one morning while we were all at my parent’s house I was sitting on my parent's green, shag, living room carpet (Oh yeah...those were the days!) getting ready to go out and exercise.

In walked Randy with his morning cup of coffee.

He looked at me with one of those puzzled expressions on his face, so I finally asked, "What are you thinking about?"

He just scratched his chin and said,

"Well, I was just trying to decide whether I should start exercising so that I can look like you...or whether I should just wait 10 years and see if you end up looking like me!"

We both laughed...sort of.

I love my brother-in-law to pieces, but I thought to myself as I laughed, "I do NOT want to put on 20-30+ pounds like that over the next 10 years!"

Talk about motivation!

But guess what HE did...

Yep, instead of taking action right then and there, he decided to play the game of WAIT and SEE.

And what he SAW over those next 10 years was me staying in the best shape of my life (because I kept exercising and also because I started eating healthier as I got older) and he himself putting on yet another 20 or so pounds of extra weight, mostly in the form of belly fat.

Fortunately he eventually saw the light, changed his ways and even went to one of those fitness boot camps.

But all of that could have been avoided if he’d have just started taking a little action when the opportunity was right before him.

Randy taught me the hard way that our physical health is not so much determined by how healthy (or unhealthy!) we've lived in the past, but by the simple action steps we’re willing to take day after day after day.

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