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Boosting Biblical Knowledge

 Our Daily Devotionals

For the past several years, we've encourage congregants to take part in "Scriptural Journaling." Basically, instead of spending time reading about what other people have to say about the Bible, Scriptural Journaling is a way to let God speak directly to us through the Bible. This practice is personalized, making it more rewarding, and absolutely anybody can do it.

How It Works

1) Select any Daily Bible Reading Plan. 2) Use SOAP (Explained Below)

S = Scripture

Read a chapter or two of Scripture from your daily Bible Reading Plan. Then write down, word for word, a verse or two out of your day's Bible reading that particularly caught your attention.

O = Observation

Write down what you noticed from the verse. Example: "the writer seemed angry" or "the verse seems very loving" or "this verse is hard to understand."

A = Application

Write down what comes to your mind after reading this verse. How does it seem to relate to your life?

P = Prayer

Write down a simple prayer, based on what you learned or wondered after today's readings.

Daily Devotionals

Bible Reading Plans

To start your journey, download our sample Bible Reading Plan. This plan amounts to about four chapters per day, you can choose to read just a portion of the suggested readings if you prefer. When read as designed, this plan should get you through the Old Testament once each year and the New Testament twice. Most people find that the readings and reflections each take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete.