We had so much fun with Walking to Bethlehem we thought we’d try it again, welcome to Journey to Jerusalem! This time we only have seven weeks to travel 6103 miles, but together we can do it!

Journey to Jerusalem is an imaginary walk that encourages members of all ages to increase their physical activity, spiritual growth and cultural awareness through a virtual walk to Jerusalem.

Wednesday March 2 to Thursday April 14

Seven weeks – 6103 miles

Everyone can participate in this walk, even if walking isn’t your thing…read on!

Our projected route is heading east through Pennsylvania and New York over the Atlantic Ocean to the city of Jerusalem.

The total trip from Zion to Jerusalem as planned is approximately 6103 miles 

We are traveling as a group and all participant miles are aggregated and tracked weekly to help us reach our destination.


Feel free to start your own group walks! Let Zion know so we can share with the others.

Week #1 March 2 (Ash Wednesday) through March 5 

Week #2 March 6 through March 12 

Week #3 March 14 through March 19

Week #4 March 20 through March 26 

Week #5 March 27 through April 2

Week #6 April 3 through April 9  

Week #7 April 10 through April 14 (Maundy Thursday)   


Weekly Devotions
Our journey includes our daily Lenten devotionals. Add 1/2 a mile on the days you read! Each devotion is meant to be read as you start your day with questions to ponder as you exercise your body, mind, or spirit.

Tracking Mileage
If you are using your pedometers, 2000 steps = one mile 

You are asked to track and report your mileage weekly. Use the Tally Sheet provided or you can pick one up in the office or on Sunday on the tables in the Narthex. These are available to help you and other family members track their mileage each day and accumulate for the week. Submit your mileage weekly through our online form by texting the word WALK to 419-224-9951 CLICK HERE OR if necessary, you may write your miles on your connection card and put into the offering baskets on Sunday morning. 

It’s not just about walking. You have these other ways to accumulate mileage.

One Mile is equivalent to:
• 20 minutes of active household chores
Examples: vacuuming, yard work, washing dishes, laundry, preparing meals, cleaning bathrooms, etc.
• 15 minutes of prayer and/or Bible reading
• 20 minutes of any physical indoor or outdoor activity
Examples: swimming, playing soccer, playing basketball, exercise class, etc.
• Attendance at  Sunday Services or a mid-week Lenten service
NOTE: Lenten services begin March 2
• 20 minutes of community service with a recognized non-profit group
• Attending a meeting at church
Examples: bible study, council meeting, ministry team meeting, etc.

 Two Miles is equivalent to:
• Attendance at Ash Wednesday service on March 2
• Volunteering in the Nursery
• Serving as a Youth group assistant

Thanks for participating in Journey to Jerusalem. If you have any question call Sheila at the church office 419-224-9951 or