Endowment Grant

Zion Lutheran Church has established the Endowment Fund and this Grant Application process to advance the mission and ministries of Christ in accordance with our mission statement: to serve all God’s creation in faith and love. If you have a project, mission, ministry, or opportunity that serves your neighbor, your community, or the rest of creation – we would love to be a part of it. Please fill out the application and the Endowment Board will review your request at their next meeting. (The Endowment Board meets quarterly. For 2023 they will meet in January, April, August, and November.)

LEAF Scholarship


1. Students must complete and submit application form by August 7th, 2023 to receive funding for the upcoming academic year. Students may apply for each year they are in college up to four (4) years.

2. Applicant must be a voting member of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

3. All applicants must attend and pursue an accredited college degree program (private or public) or Lutheran Seminary.

4. Maximum grants for college students will be in the amount of $750 per semester up to $1500 per academic year. There is no maximum grant amount for seminary students, and amounts will be determined by the Finance Committee depending on applicants need for tuition and or living expenses.

5. Grant amounts will be determined on a case to case basis in regards to the applicant’s service to the church, community, and the availability of funds.

6. Grant recipients must maintain a minimum of a C grade average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale). Documentation via unofficial transcripts is required.

7. Payments will be made to the school/college or loan agency on behalf of the student.

8. All grants must be approved by The Council of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lima, OH.