Join us Sundays during Lent (February 26 – April 2)

We can probably all think of a host of experiences from our own lives in which we occupy the space between no longer and not yet. The church by its very nature, and we as people of faith, live our whole lives in the space between. Cross-marked and Spirit-sealed, we dwell in this unfinished space as unfinished people – between the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the final fulfillment of God’s
hope-filled promises. But we are not left alone in this space. God is here – present-tense, each and every day – calling to us, accompanying us, renewing and recreating us. This Lent, we will hear the stories of our neighbors and be invited into the spiritual practice of vocare, to help us discover and embrace the various ways that God has called us to live – even in the unfinished spaces.